I guess there a lot of things you can do to piss off your Prewife. Like cheating for one. That’ s usually top on the list. Then there is staying out late with the boys all the time. Of course there is going to the strip club a lot too. These are all transgressions that justifiably could vigorously anger a Prewife and spur her into some kind of action…Like host a baby Shower during the Super Bowl, or take the toilet seat off when she is not there (you know you sit down to pee when she is not around, so it DOES matter…)

There is a line not to be crossed however. That line is breaking into one of all Maledom’s sanctuary…Man Cave the Man Room, the closet full of mystery… whatever… There are lines you just do not cross.. Even if they are dolls Action Figures.

The tyranny starts below….

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