The wedding. As a guy, you think about it all your life during commercials with hot models: “Man that would be sweet to be shacked up with that hot babe for life…”

I honestly believe that society has geared men not to take much of an interest in marriage until the very last possible second – such as when you realize you need the blue pill and your days as a player are OVER. So, while we are out there happily sowing our wild oats with no idea that within a year or two we could be hitched, the inevitability of a drained bank account looms large on the horizon. You’ve felt its presence… when you wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat on your brow and you realize that perhaps one night a week and weekends IS too much time to be spending with your girl.

And you should be afraid, very afraid. As we have speculated here before, the cost of matrimony keeps going up! The average wedding in the US today starts….starts at $7,000 – not including the dress. Today’s economy isn’t helping much either (except of course for the fact now you can invite less people and not feel bad about it. However, there are some people taking creative steps to mitigate or downright wipeout the cost of getting married. The way they are doing it? It is as old as time itself:

SANTA MONICA, California (CNN) — Jennifer Mae Fletke and Chris Watters fell in love after meeting three years ago. But when they got ready to tie the knot, they faced the challenge of an expensive wedding in a shrinking economy.

For some entertainment, we went to craigslist and checked out the Barter section. Sure enough there were at least five barter requests for at least some part of the wedding festivities. After all what do you have to lose? Besides your shirt….

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