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Check Out the Latest Trends in Wedding Cake Toppers!

Ok let’s face it, when it comes down to the wedding, you really want all eyes to be on you. Well maybe not you, but definitely the Prewife. However, there is another part to the wedding, called the reception. You know, its that party you get to go to and drink all the free booze you want….. oooops, that’s right, you are paying for it.. so drink up.

Anyway, the highlight of the party besides uncle Mel slipping you post-prewife $20’s into her corsage, is the wedding cake. Yes, I know you think you could have done better with your sister’s old Easy-Bake-Oven and a 12 pack of PB&R, but since you are goingCake toppers
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to go through the expense of throwing down the cash for a nice wedding cake spread, you might as well get creative on the wedding cake topper. Yeah you heard me, it has an official name. An believe me your prewife is going to want one. A nice one, or a crazy one or one that expresses some crazy shit she was into in college that you never knew about, but she is going to want one.

So check out the pics for some ideas. I’ll post more here as I come across some really good ones. If you find any send me a link and I will put them up!

Wedding Cake Toppers
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Policeman Wedding Cake Topper
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