Ok, so it is not really a wedding cake…or a groom cake…and we said we thought a Vader Head Cake would be less then salubrious…

Darth Vader Cake

but then we got schooled from one of our readers about this very cool Vader Cake.  Even though it is a birthday cake for kids, we asked ourselves the question…well, what, after all, is a groom cake, but a cake for a grown up kid!? Underneath the choco frosting is an enticing four layer cake carved into shape. Add some artistic talent and cue the sound effects a Vader head fit to be served! What would’ve been really cool, is if the cake was a white marbled cake with strawberry jam for the marbleing and frosting between the layers. That way when you cut into the the dark one’s dome, boom! PTSD from the Return of the Jedi!

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