mii cake toppersAfter spending a weekend moving boxes and rearranging our lives to live in sin move in together, my prewife and I retired to our respective evening activities. I watched a blistering seven back to back episodes of CSI on SPIKE and she read no less then five Bridal magazines cover to cover. During a commercial and when she wasn’t around, I read slack-jawed cover to cover flipped through one of the magazines and was shocked at the preparation a bride must endure on wedding day. In fact the amount of preparation the day of the wedding just for the bride to walk down the aisle vastly outstrips all the months of planning before it!
So just for my edification, I flipped through a few bizzillion pages online of what a bride should do to look her best from first light through initial consummation.

How to make you lipstick stay on until the final kiss of the day.

What you will need:

  • 1. Foundation or concealer
  • 2. Lip stick
  • 3. Lip liner
  • 4. Tissues (face blotting tissues are preferred)
  • 5. Loose powder
  • 6. Powder brush
  • 7. Lip gloss (if you prefer)

That is A LOT of work and product for a body part that represents about 1/100th of the surface area of our body, though a good pair of lips in the right place can account for up to 95% of the hotness factor of you prewife.

In juxtaposition:

Wedding day itinerary for the Groom

The day before – Relax, Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Relax – All Day

Shorts, flip flops, summertime. It’s a beautiful July day, and your family and friends are all arriving in town for your wedding. You can bet that you won’t have much time to take it all in or to have quality conversations with everyone, but you should try hard. Because your bachelor party will not be held tonight (and don’t think otherwise), take this day to relax as much as possible.


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