The economy still, well…sucks. Unfortunately, the cost of weddings seems to keep chugging right along.  A prewifer emailed me the other day asking if there was a way to save on some of the costs. Now, there are definitely ways to save for a wedding, just browse the pages here and you are bound to find a few. But this one requires a little talent in the kitchen. So unless you are skilled in the arts of culinary or know someone who is, perhaps this is more of a video to watch on your couch then in your kitchen.  If you think all you need is a little inspiration to get in the kitchen and make your prewife whole, figure that a typical wedding cake costs around $300 to feed 30 people.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to let the prewife in on this little caper as well, lest she show her disapproval. Better yet, bring her in on the idea at the beginning and make it seem like a relationship building exercise:
“Honey you can bake the cake and I will make the icing!” Hey, it could work.

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