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1. Geek out to the max Cupcakes! iPhone Icons,
2. Rubic’s Cube Birthday Cake Love the idea of the m&m’s!,
3. Hans Solo encased in carbonite…very clever Star Wars cake!,
4. Motherboard cake – great computer geek idea,
5. Gamer Bride– the bride is apparently ‘playing’ her wedding cake,
6. Star Trek Wedding Cake – wow, this is an actual classy star trek cake!,
7. Tetris Cake – they have a bunch of how to make it pictures, too,
8. Geek Cake – everyone loves code on a cake, right?,
9. Death Star Cake – now THAT is a great simple idea for doing a Star Wars themed cake!

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By Dot D on 2009-07-02 11:30:52

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