Gift baskets

“What the hell are gift baskets?” you are probably asking yourself right about now. I know I did when I first heard the mere whisper of “gift baskets” drifting into the TV room, disturbing my Golf Watching. At first I thought it was for the wedding shower (Shower? Really? ummm…Ok..) but then I realized that these were going to be gift baskets for the 40 or so guests we had invited to our wedding…on an Island…that may or may not have electricity. I mean it is not Like we can stop at the Walmart after we get there and grab a couple boxes of pop-tarts and wicker baskets. I also doubt very much that the basket ingredients would travel very well.

It was proposed that we could buy said gift baskets online and have them shipped to the hotel(s) in advance, but I am not sure how well cheese and salami will age in the Tropical sun. I thought, since most of our friends are single and don’t know each other (most of her friends are from the right coast, most of mine from the left) that we just toss a box of Trojans into each room and let the alcohol nature take its course. Maybe throw in a disposable camera too. Could make for an interesting trip to the photo developer.
I think I was finally able to convince her with some simple addition to nix the baskets(for the record I can’t add, she did all the math…in her head…). We can either have 40 gift baskets at $20 a pop for a total of $800, or we can hire the Beach Baby Reggae and Island band for 3 hours to play. Finally, the prewife put the whole matter to rest with a firm, resolute and unwavering, “let’s see…” which is prewife-speak for “I’m not sure yet”.

So, if we do go for the gift baskets, I’m pulling for the Trojans/Camera basket.

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