Proposals come in all shapes and sizes. It can be as simple as whipping the ring out during the commercial of March Madness (she did come all the way down to the bar with you after all), to something a bit more elaborate, say proposing on Google Street Viewer.

Any way you do it, there is one important thing to remember: make sure she will say yes. Just because you have it in your head that YOU want to be with her forever, doesn;t mean those feelings translate to her. And because we men are such great communicators, sometimes women misinterpret our intentions as either being sick or clingy.

The best thing to do is when you pass by a jewelry store, slow down and linger in the front of it (but don’t stop) and see what she does. If she goes for a look at the necklaces and earrings, then hhhmmmm, come back in one week (after giving her flowers, rubbing her feet…you know BRIBING her into marrying your sorry ass). However, if she lingers a the rock encrusted rings that happen to go on the left hand, well then you know that she not only has marriage on the brain, but that chances are good that it is about a marriage to you.

The rest is simple. Wait till your 100 Bazillion dollar company rolls it fleets of photo-cars out in front of your business and tell the world that you are ready!

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