luxus wedding wheels 1 - fotógrafo de bodaOn Sunday, my prewife and I were relaxing in the park just reading the paper (she the sports page, me the comics) when she received a phone call from a friend who was recently married. I was trying hard not to listen as I lost myself in the comics, but a few words kept jarring me out of my Sunday bliss. The conversation went something like this:

“$20,000, total.”
“15,000, got it”
“5,000, ok” And so on.

At this point I noticed that my fight or flight reflexes were twitching. With my choices limited to hurling her cell phone into yonder bay, or running for the freedom of my car (well, her car actually, but I had the keys), I decided the best course of action was to go across the street and get a beer and two chocolate covered doughnuts to take the edge off the inevitable conversation I was going to have when I returned.

In my mind $20,000 is a LOT to spend for a wedding. I mean, I would be happy marrying her underneath a coconut tree and let the Professor marry us. Gilligan would be my Best Man. Of course, the Maid of Honor would HAVE to be Mary Ann, but that is a different fanatasy, story. My Fiance’s response to my chagrin over the cost was a sweet smile, a tousle of the hair and the comment, “I think your living in the past, sweetie.” Yikes….Time to do some research.

According to the Interweb, weddings aren’t cheap. In fact, they are down right expensive. Frighteningly expensive. I found a web site where you can type in your zip code and it will spit out a number that will downright horrify you. When I typed in my zip code, I found that if we were to have a wedding today, it would run us about $55,000. Let’s break that down in opportunity cost dollars.

$55,000 can also get you:
Thirty 50″ Plasma Televisions.
A 2008 Porsche Cayman. With money left over for driving moccasins and a Speed Racer helmet.
Season Tickets to the San Francisco Giants
for 65 of my closest friends.
A cruise around the world on the Queen Mary in the Princess Suite.
Clone my cat
(If I had one). I’m just sayin.

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