someone was left at the alterYup, it is a big country. And a big country needs a big wedding industry. About 2,160,000 weddings occurred in the US from December 2005 to December 2006 (according to the CDC) spending approximately $86 Billion. That averages out to around $40,000 per wedding. Shoot me now Sweet! Just to put things into perspective, I Googled the word “wedding” and got 301,000,000 references.

Just for kicks, I Googled runaway brides and got 38,000 references. “Left at the alter” brings in 12,000 (ouch now that is just too much). So subtract 50,000 from 2,160,000 weddings and that leaves you with 2,110,000 weddings that actually went off without a hitch! Another way to look at it is $2 Billion dollars was left standing in the aisle! Yes, I know these stats aren’t even remotely accurate, but it makes you think… So go home and hug you fiancee and tell her you love her like you hope you mean it.

So you’ve got all this money to burn but not sure where to burn it? How are you going to find information about places, catering, photographers, etc. in your neck of the woods for your wedding? Easy! Click on a link below and let the good times roll!

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