iPod & the DancefloorWhen it comes down to picking caterers, photographers, etc. probably the most important ingredient at the wedding, besides your bad self – you are going to show up aren’t you? – will be the band, or DJ, OR your iPod.

I have gone back and forth on this one a bit, because a band is always cool (if they are good) and a good DJ can set the right tone and double as an MC. But how many weddings have you been to, where the band sucked or the DJ played one or two of your songs for every three or four of his songs. And all DJs today have…wait for it…. iPods that have all their songs on them anyway.

Finally, don’t forget these guys will be eating your food and drinking your booze as well, so you are paying for them on TOP of paying for them. Wow, hmmmm…this got me thinking. I started doing some research on using my trusty iPod for something else besides watching Battlestar Galactica the wedding music.

Tuns out there is a whole industry for becoming your own DJ. But if you don’t want to go through that route of mixing in and out of your songs, you can just load up the ipod with the tunes you want, put them in playlists

  • Reception music
  • Dinner music
  • First Dance Music
  • Get Funky music
  • Holy shit did I really marry him music

and viola! You saved yourself about $1,000 bucks to help pay off the wedding ring that is racking up interest on your credit card… You get the idea.

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