DSCF1892Jabba the Hutt. Now there was a war-lord that knew how to party. With the exception of his massive slimy bulk and penchant for eating small cold bloodied quadrupeds, he certainly could get the ladies. Why just thinking about Princess Leia shackled and pimped out in her hot metal bikini makes me think back to my youth and late nights alone with…. but that is another story for another day.

Which is why Jabba the Hutt is such a Damn cool Groom Cake! Not so much that Jabba brings back good memories, except of course watching Leia take revenge by offing Jabba with her chain, but mostly Leia with her chain… But you can’t really have a princess Leia cake… because that my friend is way too weird.

Enjoy more of the Hutt after the jump


Jabba looks good enough to eat!


Check out the detail on the frosting on Jabba. It is actually textured! Very cool.

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