June 7, ’08 Wedding Cakes front view
crazy wedding cake
Image by Nonpareils Boutique Bakery (aka She Takes The Cake
Here it is, the cake that almost did me in. I have one of those a year on average…who knew this year’s challange would be so soon in the season. It was just a crazy week including an ER trip…need I say more? The bride LOVED the cakes, and that makes it all worth it.

6 tiers, from the bottom up: almond cake with raspberry citrus schnapps’ syrup and raspberry filling, fake, fake, red velvet cake, tuxedo cake, almond cake with the syrup and filing again. The bottom tier is 19" at it’s widest span, the topper is 8" at the widest spans. Each cake is carved with both convex and concave sides and then positioned off center for a skewed spiral effect as you go up the cake. The angles were very hard to get in the photo, in person the spiral was a great effect. Inspiration photo of a polly cake was brought in and we totally customized it to this bride’s whim. And yes, the separators are covered in purple camo! Hand painting, piping and little gum paste "M"’s finish it off.

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