drum wedding cakeNow here is a Blog post I can get behind. In fact it is downright salubrious! Imagine asking what the Groom wants for the wedding cake?! Whaaaaa?! You mean I could get a cake in the shape of Iron Man? or Catherine Bell XBox Chocolate triple-tiered with white icing and Lace? Sweeet.

I think we all know that the wedding is all about the Bride, as it should be. Let’s face it, men plan for a wedding pretty much five days before it happens. Women folk, on the other hand, have been in some form of planning mode for this day for their entire lives. Yup, pretty much from the first time they saw Snow White. Me, I thought it was pretty suspect that Snow was living with seven Mini-Mes, and still needed a Sugar Daddy, but hey what do I know, I thought Bambi was going to be a happy movie

When you ordered your wedding cake, did you think of ordering something special for the groom, too? Groom’s cakes are a Southern tradition. They were displayed with the wedding cake (or, bride’s cake) at the reception and cut into pieces to be sent home with the guests. The superstitious said that single women who slept with the cake under their pillow (what a mess!) would dream of their future husband.

All that aside, groom’s cakes are a fun way to pay homage to the man in your life. Traditionally, groom’s…


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