Yes! Another Mario wedding cake and this one does not disappoint.
So, after days/weeks/months of pursuing various themes on how the Frack to have present and serve a wedding cake, I forced the prewife to vote on the issue. Since there were only two of us I enlisted the neighbor’s dog for the tie breaker vote. Predictably, the vote split down party lines with the Dog abstaining because, well, he can’t read or understand English. This forced a runoff vote in which we compromised and chose cupcakes.

Seriously though, this confectionery creation by Jeanne Ray is so amazing (especially since she had no classical confectionery training before she dumped her day job and got into it) that it deserves props from this site!

She made a order for his birthday cake 2 weeks ago and I have been brainstorming since. *So much PressuRE!* *laughs*
It always starts off with a sketch; which I was pretty happy with … and began working on it 3 days ago. It does take many hours to painfully sculpt every little detail but the outcome usually is rewarding when more effort is put in. I really wanted Jon to be surprised and Amanda to be happy with paying for what I was worth. *sigh*..stress..haha; I’m Happy with it, I think it’s quite cool…but that’s just me!

more pics after the jump!

Mario is Busting through!

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