Well, look at that, it is Valentines Day.

Valentines Day Cupid

Some of you who are close to making the play for your gal are thinking that this is the day, and tonight is the romantic dinner to spring your good intentions all over her. One piece of advice. Don’t propose on Valentine’s Day.

Why not, you may ask? It is after all a manufactured day by the flower and greeting card industry day of romance where flights of romantic fancy can scurry about unabated and unabashed all in the name of Cupid’s Arrow. It is also, cheesy and pretty much indicates a lack of creativity. The only thing that would make proposing on Valentine’s Day worse, is if you would do it at dinner during desert.

Honestly, there are so many other days in the year, 364.242199 to be exact, for you to propose. Why would you pick the one day that everyone else has picked? Be original! Be unique! A proposal on Valentine’s Day says you really haven’t thought it through and you really just want to get it over with now that Football is over and Baseball Spring Training is just a few weeks away.

Why not take her this year to Spring Training and propose in the stands? Take her to some March Madness and do it in the tunnel! Take her for a blimp ride on the Season Opener and pop the question from 500 feet up over the diamond.

You see, there are countless ways to get the message across to her in the coming months that yes, she will have a place in your heart – right next to your favorite teams.

Valentine’s Day is for Amateurs.  Don’t let her think she is going to marry one.

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