Seems like a silly question I know. However, the flowers have to go into something and that something is a vase. Preferably a pretty one.

Here is a cool site that has hand painted vases. Even better, they are having a free giveaway. here is what they are looking for:


*The Traditional Bride

*THE Not!so Traditional Bride

*The Florist with an amazingly special couple , that you would love to include a little something extra for.

*The Wedding Planner with a creative flare and love of the romance associated with The Wedding Vase Tradition.

*The Parents or Groom that knows that you are a true flower lover and will fill this special vase again and again.

In Return Id love your review, Blog write up, and Photo of the couple with Vase so I can share the love with you!

All Vases are 1-of-a-Kind, custom painted in your color choices.

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