I wore these for my wedding.While purusing the BlogoSphere, I came across a list of “Reasons a man gets married”

The list is pretty funny reading and it got me thinking as to the various reasons to get married. Why to spend money of course! To buy pictures you’ll see once a year and videos you’ll watch when you want to remember WHY you got married again? maybe twice. You’re doing it because you impregnated love her remember?

Seriously though, back to the list. I pulled my favorites out for you:

19. The girl is very rich
20. Or the girl’s father is very rich
28. He gets married so that the girl can get citizenship (and they normally divorce later so that the girl with her family can move on and has a better life.)

Of course I have my Top 3

7. He needs a free life-long domestic helper
26. He gets married because he made her pregnant
27. He gets married because the girl’s father will kill him if he doesn’t

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