save the date

In the wild, wonderful, crazy, expensive, nutty, world that is your engagement, nothing else is quite befuddling and expensive as “Save the Date Cards”. You see, you poor sap gentle reader, save the date cards are Pre-invitation wedding cards to notify your loved ones of the joyous days approach…without actually explaining very much except the fact that the wedding is indeed …well…approaching…like a freight train…

Now, why engaged couples can’t get their shit together beforehand and just issue the wedding invitations themselves is beyond me, but I had a quick primer on the subject by more then a few women that I have talked to about it. Generally it went something like this:

“You’re kidding right? You HAVE to have the save the date cards! It gives people time to make reservations!”


“God, can you just stop being a guy for one moment? Planning a wedding is difficult enough without Save the Date Cards. You don’t even know who the band is going to be when you send the save the date cards.”

Yeah, it was at that point I shit pink Twinkies too.

Anyway, we got our save the date cards today. They are made with colored ink and thick card stock. The prewife is happy so I am happy.

I still don’t get it…..

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