Beach WeddingProbably the biggest tension filled, nut-tightening process that will occur to you after you pop the question and before you actually go through with the wedding is setting the date. There are more things to consider then you can possibly imagine, but it will usually all come down to one thing: when does the PreWife want to get married? I know it sounds kinda lame, that the wedding is all about her, she gets to pick the date, etc. etc. but really, stop whining about it because you know you’ll enjoy it and anyways that is how it has been done for centuries… It is called tradition. She will ask you what date is good for you and your family. Ultimately though, it will be a random number she picks on a whim and you just need to go along with it.

Ok, Ok, just kidding, just kidding..settle down.

Picking a day is easy. After all you have 365 days to choose from. The challenge is what season do you pick. Each one comes with its own set of challenges. Fall can be kinda of a tough sell for a guy because well pre-season for football has started and the pennant race is on in Baseball, so September through October is out. No one will want to come to you wedding in November or December because of the holidays, so if you are looking to do it on the cheap and not worry about guests showing up then November and December will work. But, you know the PreWife will never go for it.

In January, winter is in full force and going outside kinda blows. Anyway the end of this month is out because of, D’uh, the Super Bowl and all that precedes it. Of course no one likes February, so that month is out. Then comes March. Spring is struggling to get on its feet. and there is all sorts of basketball to be watching. Of course there is all that pent up desire to release the cabin fever, so you will be too busy having makeup sex while fumbling with the remote…April’s up next, which is a bad time to have a wedding, because you don’t want to miss the first pitch and really, isn’t April all about baseball anyway?

May is out. Sure it is a nice month and smells good, but all that easter candy and the NHL playoffs just won’t allow enough time/girth to get hitched. June. No, that’s out too. Why? Just because. No one wants to stress over a wedding in June. It is too nice out. You just starting wearing your shorts again. Who wants to wear an itchy rented tux and sweat your nuts off in June? Pass…July is kind of a nice Month as is August, so that is out because you will never get the place you want during those months. Just don’t even bother.

Of course “how about never?” is a bad time too, since she will just wind up leaving you and let’s face it, the 50″ LCD TV just isn’t that cuddly and warm on cold winter nights.

So what does that leave you with? A thin sliver of time between the first and third week of January. As for me and the PreWife, we have set the date for January 18th, 2009 year yet to be decided… Long weekend in the middle of a cold month. Destination wedding. Toes in the sand…Sweet.

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