Ok, I know I said that last week was Star Wars week, but when I typed “Star Wars Wedding” into the Googlebox, up popped 22,000,000 (million!) hits. I mean, that is a lot of hits for people who use the Force to get hitched. So, I guess this will have to be week two of Star Wars.

I think the hardest part about pulling off such an event would be convincing the Prewife of its necessity. You could say, “but honey, I always pictured Yoda ministering at my wedding”, or “now you can wear the Metal Bikini!”, you know, say things that will really excite her and give her a glimpse of how the rest of her life is going to go…sweet.

So, after trolling the Web – here are some Star Wars wedding day pics for your enjoyment after the jump




I believe Lord Vader is Officiating the Ceremony…


Yoda looks a little stiff

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