MoonshineThe PreWife and Myself were talking the other day about what kind of wedding we want. Once she 86’d my suggestion of two fiddlers, moonshine and a ho down, she suggested that a simple non-traditional wedding would suit her fine. I scratched my head and tried to convince her that nothing could be more non-traditional then a greased pig chase after a few belts of my Uncle’s home brew after saying our vows with her daddy’s shotgun in my back, but she looked through at me and with a patient smile said, “no”. End of discussion.

The hardest part I think of a simple wedding is, well, keeping it simple. This is actually harder then it sounds because now you have freed yourself from the bonds of tradition. In fact there are so many variations on the theme, that you can go hog-wild just trying to reign in the possibilities. We put our heads together and thought about all the weddings we had been to (me about one, but that was to my sister, so it doesn’t count in 49 of 50 states and Guam…her about 200) and we landed on friends of ours who got married last year. It had the feeling of more a gathering then a wedding, in that it was simple, elegant and informal. There were no chairs lined up neatly in rows, or rose pedals dripped down the walk way. There were friends, famliy, a minister and a beautiful Autumn afternoon. At about 4:30pm people were called over to stand in a semicircle around the happy couple and after a few vows were exchanged, it was back to the free bar no doves were released (no bird poo either, but that’s another story), no confetti thrown, no bridal bouquet tossed, just our two friends tieing the knot. Sweet.

So we decided that is pretty much what we want; just on a beach in the Caribbean. Sand between the toes, a quick exchange of “I dos” and then defend the bar to keep people from drinking my liquor an evening of friends and family under the stars. The best thing about this plan is, since it is a destination wedding, we expect 40 people or fewer, so our budget will be much less. Sweet.

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