Today’s wedding couple has a veritable plethora of choices with which to register. However this cornucopia of items can be a bit overwhelming and you might want to step back and think about what you really need instead of what you really don’t want. Sure there is the usual places:

chopped YugoBut in today’s society, people need gas to get to work, to go get the wedding invitations printed, etc, etc. You get the idea…it’s the American Dream, to drive with reckless abandon. So, what should you be asking for when that big day comes besides the dowery you were promised by her father? Gas. Yup. Gas. Gas. Gas. Doesn’t matter how many melon ball scoopers you get on your wedding day if you can’t drive to the frackin grocery store the next. So, for all you Husbands to be, check out the link and thank your lucky stars the next time you and you buddies go to Hooters the MOMA, cause the gas is on Grandma.

Prepaid Gas Cards

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