No, Wedding 2.0 doesn’t imply a failed first marriage and a lame second attempt at wedded bliss yet. It refers to the myriad of programs out there, (both web based and computer based) that are available to help plan your wedding. Some are just downright awful, buggy and not really worth talking about. So let’s just forget about them.

Today I am stepping up to hucksterism and plugging a peice of software that was so cool. I am a total geek mind you. Seriously, I was getting off watching my Roomba make endless circles on a clean floor last night while the prewife was trying to watch “Dancing with the Stars”. I know, “Dancing with the Stars” is soooo lame. Nothing beats the Roomba for pure entertainment.

The software is called iDo Wedding (and no this is not one of those “paid” reviews, though that gives me a few ideas…) and comes in couple and Wedding Planner edition. The couple edition costs about $29 and from just playing around and watching the well documented online tutorials, I was hooked. First off, I found it a very intuitive program to use. Another great point is that this program takes you from the initial planning stage all the way through the thank you cards for the gifts. Along the way it has got lots of cool features, such as table setup and guest placement, who is in which hotel and arriving on what flight, creating budget estimates, current spending levels and let’s you know whether you are over/under or on target for your budget. All very cool.

Guys if you want to impress the hell out of your woman by showing her you not only still love her, but can step to the plate, iDo Wedding seems to be the way to go. I will keep you updated on how it holds up!

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