item scannerI had no idea how much fun registering for wedding gifts can be. I was pulled We walked into Williams Sonoma on Sunday, ostensibly to look for things we needed for our new cohabitation situation, but i knew it was another scouting mission for the wedding registry. This was a bit of a disappointment since the Apple store was across the street and the gadgetry was beckoning to me to come fondle. Instead, I found myself checking out the intimidating looking All-In-One Margarita-Maker when I saw it: A couple was walking around the store registering for gifts with a wireless barcode scanner! No way! Sooo coool! I was always under the impression you had to walk around with some sales clerk and tell them your choices, etc.

Well, ok, I have always known (since I saw Terminator 3) that you could register with a hand scanner, but seeing it in action at how absolutely painless it was and that the guy at least had control of the scanner, made me jump to the plate. So, I grabbed the PreWife, pulled her by the hand to the sales counter and proudly declared: “we are here to register”. It was at that point I felt my testicles drop for the first time in months and I knew then that I had regained part of my manhood. I turned to my fiancee and she had that look of awe and repect in her eyes. It was if she was saying, “So, you finally managed to pull your head out of your ass and enjoy the engagement.” Yes, I had arrived at the final stage of acceptance about what I had done three months before: Engagement Bliss.

Gone from my mind were the worries of how we are going to afford a destination wedding. Banished from my thoughts were my fantasies of katherine Bell worries over the what paper we will be printing our save the date vs. wedding invitations on. I was interacting with technology. I had something Long and thick in my hand I was in control! Life is good!

Next it’s off to the Apple Store.

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