So, you may be scratching your head asking yourself, “UUmmmm, what just happened?” Don’t panic. What happened is nothing different then when you were in college, or even high school. First there were your good intentions to make her an honest (no, really) woman. Then there was some alcohol. After a few drinks, there was too much alcohol. Then there was that blackout for 5 hours until you woke up the next morning and the women in the bed next to you was crying, but not because of anything bad you did the night before (for once).
Ok, now you can panic. It turns out you proposed to your sweetie of _____ years, months, days (or If you are in Vegas) hours. That tender smile on her face and that 2 carat rock weighing down her finger are all the signs you need to know that life as you know it is about to change forever. That’s what is all about. How to get ready for her both of your big day. If you feel you need a break from all the freedom that is vaporizing in front of your eyes, head on over to our other site MANCAVESITE.COM and feel the warm breeze of testosterone.

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