Where it all beginsNo shit, really? I thought to myself as I read an article from the Motley Fool about the word “Wedding”. The article is titled “Cutting Wedding costs in half“, so of course I was going to read it. So should you. In fact I should start a section on how to save some greenbacks on weddings….

Weddings are like owning a boat (stay with me on this one, there is a payoff, I promise). As anyone who owns a boat will tell you, everything in a boating goods store is marked up about 25% to 50% over a normal hardware store. But just about everything you can get in a boating store, you can get at a Home Depot. Just head for the stainless steel aisle for most of your needs.

Same with weddings. Anything with the word wedding attached to it and BOOM, 25% more please. Seriously, I am not shitting you. For a quick example, I typed in Disposable Camera in Google, went to a random site, and found that you could buy 20 regular disposable cameras with flash and 27 exposures for $3.75 OR you could buy 20 “wedding” disposable cameras with flash and 27 exposures for $4.99. What’s the difference? The wedding camera has a bunch of frilly doodads and cursive writing on the front that really is a pain to read anyway, AND a table card explaining the proper use and handling of a camera. WTF!? Seriously? A table card explaining proper use of a camera? Unless my relatives from Kerblakistan show up, I think we’re good. Save yourself 25% and get the regular camera.

Now, I am not even going to touch the subject of bride’s dresses because, well, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone (yes my prewife reads this), so let’s skip that one altogether.

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