Weddings. Is there ever a time so special in ones…… OOps, sorry wrong script…

Let’s face it. Weddings in the best of times can be a bit a pain in the butt. However, planning a wedding when the bottom drops out of the economy can be downright depressing.

Our wedding is to take place on a charming island in the Caribbean. White sand, blue water, sun, me, her, all our friends, family… what could be better? We planned to keep it small, under 40 people. The wedding is on the beach, with a beach BBQ afterward accompanied by a DJ. Then it is off to the Honeymoon suite to knock-up, impregnate, make sweet music with my newly minted wife… BLISS

With amazing alacrity, the economy nosedived and with it most of the RSVPs to the wedding. One by one, friends who were so excited to come and frolic in the surf for a week and have a vacation while watching their friends get hitched came to realize the reality of their situation: no one’s job is safe. Belt tightening is a must. Our guest roster dropped from 40 to 13 people (including me and the prewife)

Now let me go on record as saying that I do not blame any single one of our friends. Flying thousands of miles to a foreign country to stay in expensive hotels is a lot of cash to spend, especially in these times. Personally, I am thankful we have the cash to go and get hitched.

The amazing thing about my prewife is that with all the changes and the frantic emails back and forth with the wedding planner and our friends dropping off the roster like flies, she has been resilient, taking the whole thing in stride. Quips like “more food for us”, “more intimate”, etc. grace her lips as she adroitly adjusts to the new reality of our wedding on a daily basis.

I have seen other prewives crumble into a heap over less.

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